What Changes to Expect

Businesses all around the world have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. After slowing down – or even shutting down [for some], they have had to quickly implement new procedures to keep their business up and running. Now that lockdowns have been lifted, we are adjusting to a “new norm.” This means a number of things for different businesses, especially those with high traffic like casinos.

This week, casinos, movie theaters, gyms, bowling alleys, pools and more dine-in restaurants are expecting to reopen. Visitors can expect a new set of guidelines for a number of the casinos. One of them being temperature checks.

In addition, social distancing will still be enforced. Casinos will be reducing the number of slot machines to assure a distance of six feet between guests.

Another action planned to be taken by Casino companies such as the Wynn Resorts, MGM Grand, and Caesars Palace will be the availability of masks for visitors. Visitors will be encouraged to wear protection while employees will be required to wear them.

Floor procedures will not be the only element facing changes. Financial, compliance, and customer management all have been impacted and ramping back up from the impact of shutting down will require close monitoring of these new changes. Due to the influx of money and customers that flow in and out of Casinos at a frequent basis, companies from the gaming industry must have efficient and secure systems installed to accurately record all necessary data and information.

How Executive Option Can Help

To adhere to the financial, compliance, and customer management needs of the gaming industry, Executive Option will work with your company’s complex operational needs by transforming your current technological systems to provide your company with real-time data insights, streamlined revenue audit process, procurement tracking, and accounting management. In addition, Executive Option’s experts can provide you with the resources you need for multi-property enterprise deployments.