Increased Danger of Cyber Risks During COVID-19

During these times of uncertainty, the response to the coronavirus has transitioned organizations and people into the digital domain. As the use of online conference calls, collaborative platforms, digital tools, and business sites are steadily increasing due to remote work, these activities create stress on cybersecurity operations for businesses.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event. The sudden nature and wide-ranging impact of this crisis has resulted in a dramatic increase of cybersecurity risks. Something to be aware of is that cybercriminals are using the pandemic as an opportunity to coordinate cyberattacks through various means to gain entry into networks. For example, cybercriminals can use coronavirus fears as exploitation to phish users. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that there have been more than 4,000 coronavirus related domains being registered at the beginning of the year with three percent being identified as malicious. It is important to remain attentive, so do not wait until an incident occurs.

Here are some examples of cyberattacks to look out for:

COVID-19 Scam Flyers

Due to the pandemic, cybercriminals now have better angles to take advantage of people around the world. These scams may range from fake charities, nonlegitimate organizations, romance calls, and etc. We recommend taking extra precaution when viewing unsolicited emails.

Fake Stimulus Check Emails

Beware of phishing emails asking you to verify any source of personal information for a certain cause. Criminal actors are now contacting victims through new forms of means by creating fake credibility.

In order to stay safe and prevent cyberattacks, here are some cybersecurity recommendations:

Adopt a passphrase instead of a password

  • Password: bACat01
  • Passphrase: bringAwarnesstoCyberattackstoday2020

Keep Work Data on Work Devices

Using a personal and work account on the same device puts each party at risk for cyber-attacks. It is imperative to acknowledge and follow these practices to ensure cyber safety if you are currently using one device:

  • Update and patch all your devices, operating systems, and web browsers
  • Use Anti-Malware Software or Firewall
  • Avoid Public Wi-Fi
  • Frequently backup your work 

Do not insert foreign USB drives into your personal devices or company computer

This is a common breach in confidential data loss or could lead to damage across systems and networks. If a foreign USB is inserted, attackers may use that opportunity to infect computers with the malware that the drive is infected with.

Use VPN software

This ensures that your data is being processed through a private network safe and it ensures more difficulty for cybercriminals to hack into. The VPN concept encrypts your online connections, protecting your data from hackers.

As more businesses are switching and remaining to a remote working state, the consequences of cyberattacks is becoming more prevalent. Executive Option’s experts stay ahead of the curve in assisting businesses from various sources of industries to protect them from cyber breaches. In order to prepare your company with countermeasures, it is vital to us to create a confidential, secure, and enduring cyber defense for your business. As the outbreak progresses and alters the functioning of our socioeconomic systems, cybercriminals will continue their efforts to exploit digital vulnerabilities, crucial information and data. Do not let this pandemic open a window into your network, and it is time to remain vigilant to ensure security and protection for your company.