ERP Project Recovery

As the COVID-19 pandemic created operation disruption across a multiple number of enterprises, businesses should not underestimate enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation processes, even if the current system meets your present needs finely, there may be underlying costs, technical difficulties, and resistance that may be hidden. Some organizations are reluctant to continue with costly and complex ERP implementations when the future is very unclear, yet it is imperative to reevaluate which systems and processes are working out.

While you might be eager to uncover the benefits an ERP system will bring to your business, according to trends we see here at Executive Option, buying and implementing an ERP system is one of the most complex projects a business can take on. The main purposes of purchasing an ERP to either replace outdated systems, consolidate disparate applications, or to update to newest and latest technologies in the market. On average, at least 30% of ERP implementations take longer than estimated by companies.

One of the challenging aspects of integrating an ERP system into your operations is managing the changes and expectations that are associated with the process. It is imperative to budget for success, and not just to save money. Numerous amounts of companies try to minimize their budgeting for costs leading into an unpredictable outcome. Regardless of the deployment method, most implementations cost three to four times more than what was budgeted.

How Executive Option Can Help

We understand project may not always go as planned. In fact, nearly 75% of ERP project’s fail. ERP implementation requires complex monitoring and close review when executing. For this reason, we offer solutions from experience in multiple areas of industries for your company to align with the goals you have set to integrate the needed system for your unique business. We will help you evaluate your current ERP system and provide accurate functionality to ensure a return on investment.