Coronavirus is a Cyber Threat

March 17, 2020 – With more cases of coronavirus popping up each day, countries are taking immediate measures to contain the virus through quarantine. Organizations and schools are now asking their employees and students to begin working from home – however, organizations that leverage enterprise VPNs and RDP to secure their network won’t have that protection anymore. In order to safely work from home here are some tips to protect you and your organization from malicious cyber-attacks.

  • Use a secure VPN
    • A virtual private network allows companies to connect to the internet securely with each other. Messages are encrypted when VPN is used. VPN’s are also affordable when compared to circuits and leased lines. Consider a VPN device for your employees, or for yourself. A popular option that most individuals use is the mudi privacy router which is priced at $199.00.
  • Keep an eye out for the sites that track cookies
    • Some cookies may store some information that you might not want stored – especially information relating to your company like saved login credentials. Use incognito mode and make sure you are logged out of your accounts.
  • Always use website with HTTPS
    • Following a secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is never a bad option. All safe and current websites use it. If websites aren’t HTTPS, it is a sign your information is not safe.
  • Phishing
    • Phishing can take many forms. Some ways to look out for suspicious emails are unoriginal greetings, suspicious links included in the emails, if they are being persistent on getting personal information from you.

These are just the tips of the iceberg. Many hackers and cybercriminals are going to use this tough time to exploit people and companies – delivering malware, stealing private information, and more. Being cyber secure and cyber ready is important for not only people who are telecommuting, but for everyone as well.