Artificial Intelligence Today

Advancements in technology are driven by a number of factors that greatly impact the way businesses approach both the market and their own company decisions. Staying in the loop of what is going on in the now relating to artificial intelligence can put your business in a position ahead of your competitors. If your business is implementing different forms of artificial intelligence, understanding the benefits and risks is important. 

One of the main problems that can arise with AI is making it possible to align the goals we have with the actual artificial intelligence’s goals. The objectives that we give different types of artificial intelligence can be translated as overly ambitious when they perform. An example given by Mark Tegmark is “If you ask an obedient intelligent car to take you to the airport as fast as possible, it might get you there chased by helicopters and covered in vomit, doing not what you wanted by literally what you asked for.” Many of us have seen similar situations in which the AI we deal with on daily basis gives us what we asked for but also something we did not want. 

The benefits of AI currently seem to be more appealing to those who use narrow AI daily. AI can help adapt new revolutionary technologies and attack worldwide problems like poverty. Designing artificial intelligence that is meant to accomplish solutions to such things will take time and extreme cognitive task and can be much broader than human intelligence. Benefits can also be on a smaller scale, for example society has witnessed the capabilities of AI and continues to see progressions of applying it in many aspects of their lives.